Raising Hands
School Children

Lunchtime Spanish

30 mins session for a maximum of 15 kids.
Check dates and times with your school

Afterschool Spanish

1 hour session for a maximum of 15 kids.
Check dates and times with your school.

For children in all years from reception to year 6 , an opportunity to acquire the language  in the context of games, activities, and conversation. Focusing on fluency , vocabulary assimilation and exposure to the language.

 Spanish is an ideal second language as it reinforces phonetic patterns and it is the second most spoken language in the world!   The course is designed to suit the needs of all kids, whether they can speak a little, a lot, or no Spanish at all. 

We provide children with the tools to be autonomous in a second language, following their natural linguistic development, encouraging listening and understanding, and not stopping at singing and repeating.

Classes are run by native tutors and provides engaging materials to support learning at home and prepares to students for language learning in Secondary School.

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